Columbus Day - India's National Survival Day

It is Columbus Day. I’d like to congratulate my Indian friends and coworkers, because it's their lucky day. Although many states and cities in the U.S. are abandoning Columbus Day, I think one nation should celebrate this day, - India. It should be called Survival Day or simply Lucky Day.

Columbus Day

Some centuries ago, the guy named Columbus landed on a Caribbean island and mistakenly thought it was the Indian continent. And you know what happened thereafter.

In the so-called new world (India), he took the native people as forced labor (like the communist's popular labor camp) to dig gold and build the colonies. Some native races eventually extinguished because of the mistreatment. He also took thousands of the indigenous TaĆ­no people as slaves back to Spain, but most of the slaves died on the way.

Columbus’ mistake is the real fortune for the real Indian people. 

(Feel pity about American Indians; they became the most costly scapegoat by an innocent mistake).

On my morning walk today, I met my neighbor Raj who is from India. He said he felt lucky today; if Columbus indeed landed on the Indian continent, Raj’s ancestors would have been long gone from genocide, and he said he wouldn’t even exist and talk to me on this beautiful morning.

This is the cruelty of our history.

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