Mid-Career Crisis Musings

Try and figure out where are you headed, do you know yourself well enough. I find mid-career crisis to be a very common problem in companies today.  The super ambitious few who want to go all the way to the top will usually get the attention they need and get what they want.  Then you have ambitious employees that not always are aiming for top-management positions, but want to work in a demanding and meaningful job applicable to their education and experience. But too often, those persons don’t get the attention of management and leaders, and they tend to find them self in a stagnant job and not getting any attention or getting involved in exciting projects in the company. Then looking at new employees arriving, and making progress in the company adds to the frustration.  It becomes a catch 22, where the employee becomes more and more de-motivated, and thus receiving less attention from managers.  .  The leaders sometimes focus only on the super ambitious and those who are climbing the ladder, while not paying attention to skilled employees in the level below.  By doing so, they can usually find invaluable knowledge and experience for the good of their corporation.

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